The Core Value of Osasion

In the Troy network, a node represents the wallet address of a real user, and to complete the activation of the AUC node, two necessary conditions must be met, one is the contract stamp (one-time) or perpetual code (permanent), and the other is the 1000UORA stable coin. Both are indispensable.

Although one node does not necessarily represent one person, the possibility of one person having multiple nodes is inevitable in the Osasion public chain. But one thing we cannot deny is that the real pledge (1000UORA) generated by each node generation.Not only does it perfectly provide liquidity and currency-holding transaction requirements for UORA issued by the side chain, through UORA`s continuous circulation and POS equity pledge, it not only obtains the liquidity mining of the income of the MPOS consensus, but also obtains the only value currency in the network. AUC, here is why it is said that AUC is only given away but not sold. Of course, it is also the reason why every AUC is so precious.

Generally speaking, the traditional project operation logic is that a team gathers together because of common cognition or ideas and starts a project.

Starting from the establishment of the project’s positioning, the team will master the core resources through various publicity channels to spread the product line. After the product is determined, the key data and key points of the project will be announced, that is, how the project token is distributed, whether it is private, whether it is approved or not Auction or other methods.Either way, it is ultimately to solve the problems related to project financing. The most common is that the founding team of the project occupies 7%–30%, the foundation occupies 10%, the public or private equity occupies 30%, and the remaining part is produced through the mining mechanism set by the project.

But this also faces a key problem, that is, the problem of excessive concentration of chips, that is, the problem of centralized operation, and the more important problem is how to obtain users for the tokens of such a project? How to get the ecology?Therefore, the conventional approach is to use various publicity and hype ecological application gimmicks or carry hot spot renovations, and the focus is to acquire users through the marketization of tokens.

However, the market participants, leeks are no longer the leeks of the year. Although everyone is equally radical, they all know that they are not stupid to learn. Everyone is keen to participate in the project in the early stage of holding a woollen mentality, who will hold it through tokens Really become a consensus person, and eventually become a so-called user? There are really not so many so-called kings of the ETH public chain on this road.

Therefore, the Osasion public chain tells everyone from the beginning that what we are doing is the first in this industry, and we do not benchmark any projects. At the same time, we objectively say that ours is an experimental network, and there is an inevitable risk of uncertainty.At the same time, I also tell everyone that the primary task of the Osasion public chain is to develop the community and create nodes. In addition to the ecological operation and technical iterations, which are attached to the development road, the Osasion public chain never talks about how good it is, but is humble. Scientifically facing the good of others, but taking advantage of the industry’s strengths and choosing technology access that conforms to the logic of the scientific market is the essence of Bayesian core.

Bayesian algorithm also made it clear that the Osasion public chain is a materialist. For the Osasion public chain, down-to-earth preaching is far more valuable than many false propaganda.We can say generously that whether it is currently not available, not needed, or choosing a more stable wait-and-see, our Osasion public chain currently has no ecology, and no ecology, no matter how good your product, there is no market, no users, no matter what How you promote it is rubbish, but you can have a platform where traffic gathers. The key traffic itself is value and consensus users. When the traffic stacks to a certain level, the head application will definitely enter Osasion as a paid application.Why is it necessary to guide the immature risk side to node users in the early stage, and what is the value of such applications? Is there really a demand?

Therefore, in the future, the ecological port value of the Osasion public chain is not a slogan, but why is it worth millions? Although the exploration and development of Osasion may not necessarily be successful, the value it advocates is worth looking forward to.

About Osasion

Osasion public chain is committed to building a distributed financial ecosystem on the decentralized asset consensus chain.The first MPOS consensus mechanism will create a distributed and decentralized financial empowerment network that is jointly built and shared by the main body of consensus. Financial innovation at the protocol layer will promote the fairness and scalability of the encrypted asset world.Osasion integrates consensus to build assets. Through a new ecological digital economy of distributed governance, it fits the core concept of decentralized finance and is committed to building an asset consensus public chain that benefits tens of millions of consensus nodes.

Osasion public chain created the world’s first MPOS (Multiple consensus impower single sign-on Proof of stake), and established a completely decentralized distributed node autonomous system through 25 million nodes.The joint construction of the overall public chain nodes allows everyone to participate and reward fairness and justice.The design of the node puts users in the network, and Osasion’s nodes will no longer be users but participants in the main body of the public chain, enjoying the rights of users and owners.

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